Fees & Charges

First Contact

Initial enquiries to Learning Directions will lead to a preliminary discussion, by telephone or email, with the objective of determining the nature of the concerns and whether our services could be of beneficial. 

No charge.

Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments are priced individually dependent upon the range of assessments undertaken and the length of the assessment. The overall cost includes direct assessment work, scoring and interpretation of results, compiling a report and feedback.

£80 per hour.

Total charge generally ranges from £500 to £750.

Individual Consultations

These consultations with a parent or carer, or a young person themselves, enable us to explore the nature of the concerns and agree a way forward. Learning Directions will help you to think through your concerns in a structured way that helps you to become clearer about which issues need addressing and how to best achieve this.  These consultations can take place face-to-face or remotely by telephone / Skype etc.  Consultations would normally last 45 to 75 minutes.  

£100 per hour.

Psychological Coaching

All coaching and therapeutic sessions (generally 1 hour)

£100 per hour.

 Standard Learning Profile and Career Assessment


3 hours individual assessment with client;

1 hour scoring and interpretation of results;

1 hour feedback to client

Total charge generally £400

Additional charges will apply where more prolonged feedback is required, at a rate of £80 per hour.

Comprehensive Learning Profile & Career Assessment

Generally includes:

4 - 5 hours individual assessment with client;

1 hour scoring and interpretation of results;

2 hours compiling detailed reports;

1 - 2  hour feedback to client

Charges from £640 depending on time required.