About Us

Learning Directions is an independent practice based in Greater London, United Kingdom. We are able to provide bespoke assessments based on a client's individual needs within London and neighbouring areas. Lead practitioner Dr Ruth Lubel  is a highly experienced and qualified educational psychologist. All our associate practitioners are fully qualified Chartered Psychologists with the British Psychological Society and are registered Practitioner Psychologists with the Health & Care Professions Council in the UK

At Learning Directions we carry out independent specialist assessments of children young people and adults.

Our assessments cover:

  • Learning difficulties and issues with curriculum access
  • Specific learning difficulty (e.g. Dyslexia or Dyscalculia)
  • Intellectual level and giftedness
  • Emotional and anxiety concerns
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Attention/concentration concerns
  • Anxiety and school refusal
  • Social skills and social interaction skills difficulties
  • Self esteem/ confidence/ motivation concerns
  • Management of autistic spectrum difficulties and attention deficit difficulties (ASD/ ADD/ ADHD)
  • Career options based on personal learning profile

We undertake assessments of children and young people when there are concerns about their learning, emotional well being and developmental progress.

Our experienced practitioners provide consultations, a range of cognitive & learning assessments and also carry out personal development & coaching.

We also offer a comprehensive Learning Profile & Career Assessment  which is tailored to GCSE and A-Level students, those studying at higher education and also young people and adults who have moved on from education and training.